Finally a lock with real balls! Our POWER CHAMBER proprietary locking technology uses high-strength industrial ball bearings designed to withstand extreme loads and impacts. These bearings combined with a shackle that pierces both sides of the cross bar effectively eliminate any gaps or areas of weakness found in other U-lock designs. Rated at a pull strength of over 8 tonnes, approximately the same weight as a fully loaded school bus, he POWER CHAMBER is a bike thief's mortal enemy.
High in Fiber - Our propritary double-weave stainless steel cable technology has a 46% larger inner cable resulting in 140% more metal that is 21% lighter and over two times harder to cut than standard twisted or braided cables used by other brands.  What we are really trying to say is that our cables are the best you can buy, offering more security and better protection than the standards that are out there.